Indie Filmmakers

"The intention of the film is a meditation on the nature of the divine in the mundane. It is what you would call a trance film. By simply watching the film it becomes a meditative tool, bringing the viewer into a construct of moving imagery without relationship to the actual.

I based the editing of the film, its length, and the choice of sound on the Kabalistic Tree of Life (Sefer Yetzirah). I have chosen ten composers to make ten different soundtracks for the film. Each soundtrack representing a specific sphere on the Tree of Life."

- RSH, from a private letter October 2005


"The mind can not often associate with a complex series of abstract shapes evolving over time. Instead, the focal pattern of the mind drifts away from the field of visual input and deliberately develops a causal narrative to the evolving abstract diorama. (One senses boredom and the need for a narrative form of entertainment.)

In my research into the nature of the mind's experience of visual input I have developed a system of feedback based 'Rorschach like' films intended for the unfocusing of the minds sense of visual input and the development of a conscious expansion of the mind's sensorial depth.

These meditations become a pathway that can be traveled toward a higher state of awareness. The evolving abstract imagery tends toward the narrative form in the mind's eye. We begin to perceive the real in the developing visual noise. Once the boredom is past and the mind becomes free of the need for narrative input a higher level of conscious is achieved."

Excerpt from "Meditations in Light: Transcendental Film as Mystical Experience"

Current film is version Chokhmah, soundtrack by Rob Mazurek


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