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The gods are usually the ones, that know everything about human nature. Only poor Hypnos oversleeps each and every human day. Other gods are capricious and they tell him very little about, and his nature prevents him to find out more. Curiosity is tearing him apart, because he wants to know this mortal creature better. What we see is one day as a parrable of human life. From dawn till dusk, from light to dark, from idealism to routine, from innocence to banality. His questions echoing inexorabily but curious Hypnos is not the only one who is left without clear answers.
Made by #10 Productions as a project on the MakinGo film marathon (Gorizia, Italy, 7. - 9. 6. 2007), where each participating group had 60 hours to make a film from idea to post-production.


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