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Fiction / 1h18m / Color / 2012 / English / Canada
Version sous-titrée en français disponible ici:

A feature film road movie shot for less than $10,000 by seven university students over 7,000km.

Alex, a disillusioned 20-something from Montreal, decides to go see her cousin Jesse in Georgia and convinces him to join her on a spontaneous trip throughout the southern U.S.A.



Directed by Alexandra Bégin, Guillaume Collin, Jesse Kray
Assistant Director Michael Massicotte
Image Isabelle Stachtchenko Sirois
Sound Dejan Pavlovic
Editing Daniel Dietzel
Distribution and Production: Arpent films



Toronto Independent Film Festival 2012
Cinefest International Film Festival 2012 - First Cut Screening
Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois 2013
Canada International Film Festival 2013 - Winner/Gagnant Royal Reel Award
Stony Brook Film Festival 2013
Alaska International Film Awards 2013 - Special Jury Prize
Indie Gathering International Film Festival 2013

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