Indie Filmmakers

'The Tea Party' - Short Film (2007)

Rabbit and Mad Hatter track down and kidnap Alice, as she returns from another stint in Wonderland, and question her about a missing drug shipment from the Caterpillar. But, it seems Alice has grown up muling for the Wonderland drug trade, and this once sweet innocent girl has developed a sinister dark side. which Rabbit and Mad Hatter are not quite ready for. Rabbits!

Directed by Justine Poon & Vonne Patiag
Written by Vonne Patiag
Starring Rose-Lynn McCarthy as Alice, Vonne Patiag as Rabbit, Dan Ryan as Hatter.

Creative Exegesis:
'The Tea Party' was one of the first films I ever worked on, back in my first year of film school where everything about our production values, aesthetics and work ethic was so raw and unfounded. The Tea Party was really my first screenplay I ever solely wrote too, being heavily influenced by 'Alice in Wonderland' and Murakami's 'The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle' which were bundled together as a fantasy pack. The outlines for the short film assignment was that it be themed NOIR and involve a Sydney locale. The idea behind the short was that Alice, being the only human able to travel back and forth between the real world and Wonderland, would have been irrevocably transformed by her traumatic experiences, leading to her drug-muling between the two worlds as she falls into the dark industry to cope with her childhood.


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