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Shot in Indian Beach, North Carolina, Kami shadows a woman left alone, isolated and burdened with a malevolent energy.

Premiered on NoBudge
Featured on Film Shortage
Featured on Films Short
Featured on Good Short Films

Starring: Lilly Nelson | Stewart Garner
Cinematographer: Barrett Phillips
Costume: Taylor Renn
Writer/Director: William Kyle Gerardi

"A disturbed woman alone at a beach house. There's barely any light and no frivolity. aka: Not here for vacation. Before we gather anything, we hear ominous, pulsating tones. Wave after wave, otherworldly, unsettling. And then the woman beats her dog because it tugged its leash, and it's all downhill from there. Director William Kyle Gerardi has a steady hand creating menacing rhythms, capturing dark hearts. In Kami, there's no break to the blackness, unlike in Gerardi's previous short, The Game Store, an equally disturbing but black-humor laced film about employees at a video game store. In place of humor, here we have a malevolent force that looms over every shot, something you can feel that isn't human, a thick ambiance. The woman is played by Lilly Nelson and she gives a formidable performance, occupying the screen almost as a possessed person. The film itself is another impressive effort from Gerardi - for my money, one of the more promising young voices in the current no-budget game. Very happy to present this film as a World Premiere." -Kentucker Audley March 18th, 2014


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