Indie Filmmakers

COLD FUSION, A gunslingers blessing.
Steam Punk Western
Starring Jenna Upton ` Lyle Mc Leod St John Alexander,
a Warrick Mc Leod cinematography and Friends Film

A short film by Warrick McLeod and Friends
Steam punk Burlesque Sci fi western

set in a parallel universe
Mizzy mi needs a
A gunslingers blessing

A gang of strangers come to the valley
Ol Jim J is shot ! Stone's evil posse on a 5 month rampage, come face to face with
Mizz Mi;s Rouge Revue Cantina
The young wrath of this little town

A gunslingers blessings
Plot Outline
Set in a Parallel universe Right Now, Evil has come to shore
Our leading Lady Mizz Mi. Owner of the RR Cantina, throws the most supernatural parties in town. The Evil Stone, on a pilgrimage of power. Foolishly crosses the bounty hunter Slver. The young and talented gunslinger kid saves Ol Jim J from Stone. The RR Cantina dancers send absent energy to help the Bounty hunter to stop Stone and his legions with their strange power machine & blood thirst


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