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In the first video from Ronny Munroe's blistering solo album "The Fire Within", our hero is the subject of some rather interesting and disturbing behavior modification therapy. The lines between fantasy and reality become rather blurry....

The performance was filmed during Ronny's Metal Meltdown Tour in October. Take your meds. Enjoy.

Ronny Munroe - Vox
Mike Heald-Guitar
Jeff Clifton-Guitar
Brent Marches- Bass
Rick Ward- Drums

Featuring "Nurse" Jordyn Ashley

Produced by Rat Pak Records & Zen Film
Executive Producers: Joe O'Brien and Merideth Melville
Production Company: Zenfilm
Senior Producer: Jarrod Gullett
Producer: Tracy Jemison
Line Producer: Brittany Holland
Director: W. Ross Wells
Director of Photography: Raul Casares
Key Grip: David Zenteno
Production Assistant: Stephanie Comfort
Editors: W. Ross Wells, Hank Schyma
Colorist: Tracy Jemison


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