Indie Music Video Directors

Music video for the song "Dust Bowl III" of Other Lives.
We tried to represent with 3 characters the neglect we feel as human beings when we're vulnerable before nature. That's the reason why we've created the feeling of endlessness in which aside from staging the Dust Bowl we also wanted to show how the story repeats and human beings and nature meet once and again before the same situation

Directed by: Mr. WH
Screenplay: Lorena Pedre.
Costumes and makeup: Gina Larrosa.
Production developement: Miquel Reina, Lorena Pedre, Gina Larrosa, Laia Raich, Víctor Martínez & Núria Madriles.
Actors: Carla Ibáñez, Carles Martínez & Víctor Querol.


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