Trunk: Short Horror Film


Rachel has a dark secret and must reveal it to Kate, but will Kate understand.

Starring Jessica Edwards and Kerry Stanley

Filmed with a Sony HVR-V1E Camera and Letus35 Extreme Adapter. 28mm and 50mm Nikon Lenses.

Also using a Proam DVC250 Camera Crane and a Glideshot Dolly Track.

My first time using my Letus35 Extreme, and Camera Crane and Dolly Track

Unfortunately, my dolly track shots are shakey because my tripod is too light to hold my camera however, i have a new tripod which now gives me smooth shots which can take the weight of my camera.My crane shots were also shakey because my camera was too heavy and i need to place heavier weights on the end which i havent bought yet. I also need a new mic since im using my camera mic and it gives me quite a 'flat' sound.


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