This is work in progress, a rough cut of just one small piece of a two year project to document The Welcome To The NeighborHOOD Project @ Literacy For Environmental Justice; A community arts project by Wendy Testu.

This segmant is where the artist, Keba Armand Konte, spent eight weeks with six youth from the non-profit Literacy For Environmental Justice in the Bayview / Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco. This video piece is intended to be shown in the gallery space next to the actual art piece that was created by the youth. In 2010 this segment will be reworked with the other segments into a full length documentary film.

They created a modular 8 x 12 ft., multi-media piece about the gentrification happening in their neighborhood.

Keba and the youth began by engaging in conversations about the various topics that concern them and the experiences they’ve had with those topics. A long list of themes was created and by a process of elimination they chose the theme of gentrification.

A photographic tour of the neighborhood produced images of symbols and objects that represented their theme.

Materials were gathered in the neighborhood to use for their assemblage
and to try out the multiple new techniques they explored,
such as: 'project and effect’, photo transfer & ‘scrubbing’.

The final piece incorporated; found objects, drawings, signs & photo transfers.

The title… ‘A Stroll down Gentrification Lane’.

Stay Tuned for more…

This project has been made possible with generous funding from:
The San Francisco Arts Commission
The LEF Foundation
The Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation
The San Francisco Foundations-Koshland Program

And generous support from:
Dan 'The Automator' Nakamura
Literacy For Environmental Justice
The EcoCenter
The Port of San Francisco
The African American Arts And Culture Complex; Sargent Johnson Gallery
ART 94124 Gallery
Zeum: San Francisco's Children's Museum

And many many generous volunteers

Thank you, each and every one of you

For more information, please visit:

The Project:

Literacy For Environmental Justice:


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