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We had always wanted to make an offroad movie, but simply because of the logistics of filming a moving vehicle without having every scene to be a simple pan or just static camera, we had decided to abandon that project. After we where done doing "Exorior" we have had the pleasure of working in slow-motion. For this project I wanted to show that a scene can still be explosive without having slow-motion involved.

We filmed this movie over a time-period of two days. During shooting we used one day for filming time consuming setups such as a Jib on a dolly, or other advanced scenes, and the second day for more simple setups such as steadicam and tripod. We used very little time compared to the finished result, but ultimately that all came back to us in post.

In Post we had to deal with some quite advanced VFX scenes. I started out editing and cutting so that I could find out which shots would be used, and witch wouldn't. Then we began our VFX work witch basically was to remove all the reflection of the camera rig in the side of the car. The thing about removing an element is pretty much straight forward. But when you remove reflections, now that`s something else.

We used the Foundrys "NukeX" to deal with all the elements that needed to be removed. Nuke did a very good job removing the elements, but sometimes we would find that it simply wasn`t enough information in the reflecting background to get a good "cleanup". The other thing that made our job more difficult was that we had too many scenes that demanded VFX approaches compered to the time we had available. We therefore never got enough time to clean the image up sufficiently. In the end, I dont think you`l be able to see where a reflection of a camera rig once existed, but if you know where to look, you will probably see some irregularities.


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