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The very successful Complexity in the Oil Industry (COI) meeting held in 2007 in Natal and the 2 previous meetings held in Brasilia have demonstrate the interest of the physicists about this theme and the resonance in related areas. The aim is to bring together physicists, scientists from other areas and practicing engineers to discuss scientific challenges and advances, current practical problems and potential innovative solutions.

Basically there aren't many meetings of that kind, the previous ones held in Brazil have been very well received, it is some years since the last one. In addition, the sub-salt is a theme that has called the general attention not only from the press, but from the whole population, in Brazil.


* Challenges for seismic- in particular sub-salt (pre-salt) imaging
* Characterization of petroleum reservoirs Modelling of petroleum reservoirs as Complex Systems
* Fractured reservoirs
* Geostatistics of heterogeneous environments
* Flow in Fractal and Porous Media
* Wave Propagation in stronger disorder media
* Origin of correlations in geological structures
* Geophysical monitoring of reservoir performance
* Nano-structured sensors for data acquisition from petroleum systems
* New spectral representations of systems with fluctuations in all scales (wavelets, curvelets, KL, etc)


Film directed and produced by Italo Valerio - IP Digitais


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