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First Night Shift - 19:22 mins, 35mm, color. Shot in Manila, Philippines. Filmed at Glorietta.

One night in a shopping mall is all it takes to drive a lonesome female security guard to the brink of insanity.

Starring: Lara Fabregas (star of PANGARAP KO ANG IBIGIN KA)
Writer/Director: Hubert Cheng
Producer: Aljor C. Perreras
Associate Producer: Steven Cabales

Director of Photography: Jay Linao
Editor: Gary Mau
Sound Design: Matthias Schmitz
Sound Recordist: Raffy Magsaysay
Colorist: Marilen Magsaysay

First Night Shift was converted from the original 35mm print to a 18 gig raw file.

j vimeo.com/16023649

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