A look at cycling in the City Center of Dublin. As a transport mode cycling is on the increase in Dublin. This documentary explores some of the many issues facing people who chose to cycle in Dublin.

One Less Car doesn’t shy away from complex topics and, sometimes ambiguous or contradictory viewpoints. What emerges is the feel of a groundswell, of a phase transition as the act of re-imagining our city starts to see actual impact and gain critical mass. Part snapshot of the zeitgeist part cycling agit-prop.

* Short Version was screened at Stranger Than Fiction - 2010 documentary film festival, short program. *

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Seomra Spraoi

Critical Mass Dublin
Loserdom is a D.I.Y. zine from Dublin, Ireland. Covering such topics as punk rock, D.I.Y., independent music, cycling, bikes, political, anti-war, among other things. It is put together by Anto and Eugene (the Loser brothers). The first issue was in June 1996 as a freesheet, since then the brothers have released another eighteen issues

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DJ Welfare


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Adebisi Shank

Grace Valhalla

The Banker

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kaboogie started throwing parties in January 2006 due to a certain absence of nasty BASS driven skanking on the dub axis, in Dublin.

Run regular club nights in Dublin and propagate Irish djs and producers work through our label and this site. They encourage home-grown Irish dj and production talent.
The Richter Collective is the result of two independent labels (Armed Ambitions & Popular Records) coming together after a series of split label releases. The label is owned and operated by Michael Roe and Barry Lennon. The label has it roots steeped in the Irish DIY scene and try to achieve as much as possible through independent channels. The label itself operates like a large family with members of different bands chipping in with whatever skills they have to spread our music.

What is Critical Mass?

critical mass dublin (june 2010)


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