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Collaboration Credits //

JongChul Kim / Brad Film Ministry

Director: Jin Lee / Visual Trinity
Producer: Jin Lee
Look Development: Jin Lee
Storyboards: Jin Lee
Editing: Jin Lee, Byunghoon Han

3D Animation: Byunghoon Han
Rigging: Byunghoon Han
Modeling: Byunghoon Han
Texturing: Byunghoon Han, Jin Lee
Lighting: Jin Lee

Graphic Design: Jin Lee, Youmin Woo
VFX: Jin Lee, Seokmin Hong
Compositing: Jin Lee, Yonghwa Choi

Music: JUSh
Voice: Yoon Sun Cheong

All Glory to God



JongChul Kim / bradfilm.com
Jin Lee / visualtrinity.com

Byunghoon Han / byunghan.com

Youmin Woo / designtowoo.com

Seokmin Hong / smhong.com

Yonghwa Choi / cargocollective.com/biggirlchoi

JUSh / jush.kr
Yoon Sun Cheong / nemomangchi.blog.me

j vimeo.com/78272768

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