What if God was one of us?

The intriguing back story of your beloved and blissfully married karaoke hosts.

Many do not know that Waterfall and Bobby started off as a pair of perilous homosexuals voguing the night away on the fuel of countless cosmopolitans and bath salts. With the help of a few conversion tapes and their idol Ted Haggard, Bobby and Waterfall unheavened their true heterosexual identities, creationing into the religious karaoke icons of the century.

One Of Us is a unique karaumentary experience spinning its tale through the greatest hits of our time: One Of Us by Joan Osborne, Pump Up the Volume by Marrs, All The Things She Said by Tatu, Highway to "Heaven" by AC/DC, and one of Tammy Faye's biggest hits! (O, Enigma is in there too!!)

j vimeo.com/7333235

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