Kids R Us

Remember when you were four? Riding your bike for the first time, finding out that a sprinkler can be picked up and aimed at other unsuspecting children, floating down the snowy slopes on your first set of skis, and discovering that raspberries are perfectly designed to fit on your fingertips. That is the life of a four year old.

As a father witnessing all these moments and more in this video, my throat wells up, my eyes get watery... to see my son growing and enjoying all the good things in life. I am thankful to the Lord for the gift of my boy, and am reminded that I too enjoy life in one way by wielding a video camera... while my father in Heaven smiles about it too.

I'm a member of the ministry, Created To Create. We live to tell stories using photography and videography that exercise our interests in the arts and give glory to Jesus. What's your story? To view other projects or to get in touch with Created To Create, visit:


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