Kino Euphoria

This is an answer for this: (you can find more info about the scores that we "missused" now)
---which all participants of this short film found to be an interesting and inspiring idea. About the coreographic scores: most of us, including the director, really didn't have any clue what they ment, but it was so much fun to make this, kino style.

Film is made in less than 60hours one weekend in September 2012, in extra session of Kino Euphoria Helsinki.
Directed by: Tuulia Kallio. Editing by: Salla Kotiranta. Voices recorded by: Tuulia Kallio, vocal collage edited by: Kalle Kuisma.
Cinematographers: Riitta Ryhtä, Iiris Anttila, Tuulia Kallio, Hannaleena Hauru.
Dancing, in order of appearance: Hannaleena Hauru, Salla Kotiranta, Sini Järnström, Riitta Ryhtä, Eeva Putro, Edvard Lammervo, Pietari Kylmälä,Tuulia Kallio.

About the music and sounds: 60hours is short time, with massive amount of more or less improvised material from cameras, we didn't have time to focuse too much to the sound at the editing table, so the sounds are mainly from camera mic. But! After every dance take I asked the participants in this film to give me a one sang sound with letter "aaaaa", whith whatever note they happend to feel like at that moment. I took these samples to Kalle Kuisma who edited them quickly as this "vocal collage" that u can hear on the film. I like idea that as people here are dancing as themselves, they also "sing" as themselves, without trying to be more than is possible at that given time. I give huge respect for all of them. -Tuulia


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