Kokomo Indiana Businesses by Brian Morgan (entrepreneur since 1988)

*Process to Completion:
1) 24 hour Turn Around - using my "Promo Systems".
1a) Time Involvement On Business Owner, 30 Minutes.

2) Also "Premium Services" - Same Day on Location

*Dependent on Availability. Proposals & Estimates available for large scale projects, also discounts for a weekly or monthly video project for those wanting to skip writing and blogging, and would like to Switch to 100% Video. A smart move in 2010.

Contact: Brian Morgan (765) 513.5051

-Purdue Degree in Electrical Engineering Tech.
-Proven Sales Acumen.
-Partnership with Fort Wayne Fitness Expert.
-Developer of Life Destiny Mapping, a Goal and Accountability System for Intelligent Achievers.
-Success Driven.
-I only read & take advice from experts.

j vimeo.com/9222254

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