Kokomo Indiana Businesses by Brian Morgan (entrepreneur since 1988)

Private Invitation Only Video, "Powerful Geometric Progression: Building A Large Network" by Brian Morgan, entrepreneur, Feb. 2010. (Video Production by Brian Morgan)

Synopsis: "Based on decades of analyzing growth in network marketing organizations, mentors and experience have taught Brian Morgan the dynamics of 'How' large networking organizations use 'Sales Tools' to eliminate the weaknesses inherent in 'Training New Recruits to Recruit Others'; the common weakness is 'the lack of a Sales Tool' that 'All' networking members need for using in their daily recruiting for the larger Network."

(Video by Brian Morgan, Entrepreneur, 2010, "Marketing Assets that Grow Your Network Fast & Consistently")

Content Property of: Video Production by Brian Morgan.

Privacy Notice: Not to be re-broadcast in any manner without written consent of Brian Morgan (765) 513.5051. This is a private & confidential video, an asset of intellectual property value produced by Brian Morgan 2010. Password Encrypted Video, Please call us if you believe this has been illegally re-broadcast or distributed without our proper knowledge (765) 513.5051.

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