The Letus AnamorphX

Short little video of a walk to the beach with the family on the island of Kauai near Hanalei Bay. This was all shot hand held on a mono-pod with no LCD or GoPro app. Shot purely blind just guessing at the framing. This was to personally document the afternoon and is by no means award winning cinematography :)

Shot on a GoPro HERO 3+ with a Letus AnamorphX GP 1.33x lens ( This is true anamorphic footage. No cropping. You are seeing every bit of what the camera captured, just stretched 1.33x in width to maintain the correct aspect ratio of the subject matter. A great way to add a more cinematic look to an otherwise "vanilla" home video. I also like the fact that I'm able to capture an even wider field of view.

Music: "The Swimming Song" by Vetiver.


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