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As an outdoorsy person, I have always been concerned with the dichotomy of man versus nature. In this day and age, it seems mankind is hardwired to self-destruct. If a strain of super-bug wiped us all out tomorrow, the rest of the animal kingdom would only be the better for it. I hold dear all of God’s woodland creatures for their innocence and sense of self-preservation, qualities so often lacking in humanity. But what if animals were just as stupid and fucked up as us? What if the fish drank like fish? What if deer smoked cigarettes and went to strip clubs? I hope to have addressed some of these hard-hitting questions with my new music video for Gavin Guss. Also, Gavin looks like The Dude from The Big Lebowski in the opening sequence, which never hurts.

Also streaming at Fin Records Vimeo page

j vimeo.com/77085955

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