2:47 excerpt from Permanent Transit (2001/2, DV, 24:00, 5.1 channel spatialized surround sound, color). A road movie about the state of statelessness, filmed through the windows of cars, trains, buses, planes, boats, airports, hotels, and borrowed houses in 11 countries between East and West. Several fragmented narratives about borders, transit and no-mans-lands wind through the film, all told or implied by offscreen sound, including a recurring story retold from a comedy sketch by Doreid Laham, popular on Lebanese TV during the civil war. Each shot is accompanied by the sound of two distinct places. In the installation version, the screen is double-sided and bisects the room like a window frame; each place can be heard on one side of the screen, so that the window-screen functions like a border. In the screening version, the sound of different places mixes and mingles together, creating an uneasy sense of disorientation. A deconstructed database version of the film (programmed in 2004, so the QuickTimes are a bit primitive) can be found at:

j vimeo.com/47963743

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