htcos, 2011-2014

Using the interaction between sound and image, Conversation, 2011-2014 explores a universe of spontaneous communicative intersections, the result of dialogues between two people deprived of basic relational superstructures, so close to improvisation as far from the analytical projects (the person portrayed in the video is suffering from alzheimer's). The work is in a dimension of contemplation away from the reality, where the imperfection plays a decisive role in his humanity.

Curatorial Text:
As per its title, Conversation, 2011-2014, is a throughout the time work which htcos has recently presented to the public. Besides time imagined as xρόνος, the main role is played by its course. Htcos operates on time's marks, on its transits which leave full ruts on the surface, drawing existential descriptive trajectories to be followed with care. The conversation means not only a verbal interaction, but mainly reveals a mutual recognition in which understanding one another is a minor issue. The author seeks a synthesis between the deed of seeing and seen, and it struggles with the opacity of the images in which to discern and discern each other becomes the ultimate labour of Hercules.
We are the spectators of images chasing their natural fading away and the bond of the eyes looking at each other is magnificently accomplished.
There is no more a temporal partition to separate clearly a before and after, we only remain aware of the time of the image. As a matter of fact, reality which is not yet examined by speculative lens, the diversity of each human being, which we call individuality, is linked to the evidence and its given only by an intuition of our imagination.
Loose from any superstructure need, we move guided by the lines which tell the πάντα ῥεῖ of the human things, put together in this mosaic which, perhaps involuntarily, becomes an homage to the Cinema. And it is in its becoming image that the perceived reality shines no more for its truthfulness nor kindness, but exclusively for its beauty.

Domenico Spinosa

j vimeo.com/87101544

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