Audiovisual Concert. Live Cinema. Multimedia Performance.

MUTATIONS is a live performance of interactions without wires, interpreted by Radha Murillo (singer), Alejandro Padilla (live electroacustics, composer and musician), and Live cinema by VjThai ( Roxana T. Barraza).

Visuals are created from soundscapes, and voice interventions. And both are transformed from an organic form into a digital form through the performance, where the artists communicate through their interpretations, and use improvisation as a creative process and a form of composition.

The projection design by Media Selectah involved videomapping with Resolume Arena, as a visual technique to represent an organic chain that connects the sound and the image, from one side of the stage to the other through the projections, as a way to connect artists though technology.

VjThai (Roxana T. Barraza) with Media Selectah´s collaboration, worked with dancer/singer artist Radha Murillo to developt MOMENTS a multidisciplinary performance involving dance, singing, realtime experimental video realization, video projection design, videomapping, electronic & electroacustic music, with different levels of interaction, to convey emotions and ideas about the present moment and a poetic protest against violence.

Interpreted by Radha Murillo / Singer.
Special Guests:
Alejandro Padilla / Live Electroacustic music
VjThai (Roxana T. Barraza) / Live Cinema

MOMENTS_ Contemporary Dance & Live Cinema is developt through 3 acts or AV performances. For which a specific projection design was developt in situ according to each of the 3 performances and individual concepts to convey different emotions.

MOMENTS_ Contemporarydance and Live Cinema
was presented on 6 th to 8 th of July2012, at the Teather of the Center of the Arts. Monterrey, México.

These beautiful pictures are taken by Gen Gibler for Media Selectah.



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