■ Music
Noir Désir
A ton étoile

■ Filmed into Second Life

Build by Rob Danton and Kean Kelly

University of Western Australia
Shot of Sunken Gardens visible at 0:49

■ Video Materials
Occupy Wall Street
New York, London

Porta del Sol Madrid May 15, 2011

European Day of Action and Solidarity November 14, 2012
Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Lisboa, Paris, Roma

■ Paintings

■ Many Thanks to
Kean Kelly for letting me film on this wonderful place

■ Lyrics English translation
Below the full light
And into the shadow silently
If you seek for a shelter
Tell yourself it is not that far away
And than one shines

To your star
To your star

Little sister of my nights
All of these I missed
When you was saving face
Of many others than me
Know that I do not forget anything but one clears

To your star
To your star
To your star
To your star

Always on the horizon
Of Suns bowing
As we have no choice Heart is left
You can spit, even laugh, and you owe it

To your star
To your star

A Marcos
To the joy
To rhe beauty of dreams
To the melancholy
To the hope that keeps us
To the health of fire
And the flame

To your star
To your star
To your star
To your star


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