MAdBUTLER Creative

Duncan Hines Amazing Glazes_'Hip Hop Cupcakes'


Producer/Director/Editor/Music_Josh Binder


An online commercial for Duncan Hines Amazing Glazes. This video was posted by Duncan Hines on their various sites. However, they had to pull it after a week due to viewer's comments that it was a racist ad. We had to re-shoot the commercial essentially to look the same, only this time both white and chocolate glazes were used on the cupcakes. Additionally, they requested that the mouths on the cakes have a different color and size. This gained so much attention even Jimmy Kimmel weighed in on the controversy on his show by taking the video and creating a parody version that was "racist."

People really overreacted to this. Our intentions of making a racist ad was clearly not the intent. Any similarities are purely coincidental. There is no deeper or underlying message in this ad. The message is quite simple: Amazing Glazes makes your desserts sing. Nothing more.


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