Projection mapping

For the launch of another Samsung product, Smart TV, we developed a concept that originated from the multi cubic logo of the product. Starting at the road and with the trees that lead the guests to the interior of the Esma Sultan , we used complicated video mapping. We developed a stage and ceiling that acted as the interface of Smart TV, perceiving moves and sounds, and giving feed back and acting like a living organism. We produced the projection film from 6 different angles so that all surfaces of the cube would have the view of relevant perspective. The stage tests and the rehersals with the presenter of the night lasted 15 long days and nights.

With this project we recieved 2 major awards at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE).

Client: Samsung Electronics Turkey
Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide Turkey
Chief operating Officer: Çağlar Çokçetin
Creative Director: Tolga Hırşova
Organization Company: Atölye Group
Mehmet Ulusoy
Stage Design, Content design & Prodution:
Executive Producer: Salim Çağrı Öztoksöy
Creative Director: Alvaro Rego, Salim Çağrı Öztoksöy
Producer: Hilal Aktaş Aytekin
Production Assistant: Pelin Toksal
Stage Construction: DPI Mimarlık
Projection Comany: Visio-Vox


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