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Hello Everyone!!! : D

My 6th Video contains 6 Ideas On...Repelling Mosquitoes!!!

I find myself constantly being bitten in the summer and it's NO FUN! : S

Mosquitoes are attracted to your body odor, sweat, heat and cardon dioxide from your breathing.

I got bit really bad this month and the bite swelled my hand up big time and it scared me to face another mosquito, so I searched up on the internet and through friends the best ways to repel these blood suckers!

I hope these ideas help or inspire you for your next outdoor bbq or camping trip : D

A big thank you to Jon B. Nieto for giving me the idea when i was struggling out to find solutions on how to prevent the blood suckers!! : D

Thank you to Jeffrey Wong for helping me film and take pictures and to Derrick Tam for helping as well : D

Also a big shout out to my fellow campers who were in this video : )

You can also check out these links for more information on repelling mosquitoes:

Thanks so much for watching everyone!




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