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Songs by Jesse Williams (, our good friend and musician extraordinaire!

Also check out FrankMensingVideos ( Extremely talented guy doing some really FUN videos!

Ever wanted to remodel a room? You go to the store, get the color swatches, fabric swatches, etc, bring them home, hang them up, and stand back to look at them. What if you could do a little more? What if that little more was a full room kit that transformed any room you put it in into a little slice of paradise? Did I say paradise? I meant a nightmare come to life... or, you know, just something that makes the room way too hot, bitterly cold, or a flood zone.

"Boy" and "Girl" are at it again... and, in true fashion, someone screwed something up.

Dining in Style explores these thoughts. In part 2, we find ourselves in "The Great Beyond," kicking it with "Grains of Sand," and learning that "The Eyes Have It." Part 2 of 2.

Oh, and if you're wondering, their cat is quite the explorer.

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LIKE the video if it's your cup of tea or if you think "Girl" shouldn't have put the room kits in the room OR if you think "Boy" is an idiot for not knowing what room kits even are. After all, they ARE kind of cool.

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