Motion Graphics Group

This movie has been created by Arthur Stammet in August the 18th 2013.

The video combines a very slowly rotating starfield panorama (tweaked in Premiere with Sparkles) realized with Bixorama and Blufftitler, two titles and fractal particles made with Blufftitler, clouds captured with a GoPro Hero 3 Camera, a fractal Zoom rendered with Fractal eXtreme and tweaked with the RE:Map Distort plugin and a soundtrack improvised on my Roland V-Synth.

By combining real and computer generated fractals, this meditation is a tribute to the beauty of chaos in nature and mathematics, especially represented by Benoit Mandelbrot and his famous set. The music, played live with the wonderfully deep and rich sounds of the V-Synth, underlines the highly meditative aspect of this work.


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