Midwest Filmmakers

“Talkin' About Your Film Generation”
In Webisode 5, cast two has arrived for dinner to discuss their work, which has deeply resonanted with the new generation. Susan Buice reveals what she's learned from directing her web series, as well as her film Four Eyed Monsters. Kris Swanberg, director of Young American Bodies, breaks down her theory of creating something you love. Whether it's ice cream or cinema, you are only going to make the flavors that you like. Kissing on the Mouth director Joe Swanberg reminds the group that filmmaking is not always about making money, and Steve Weiss is back to converse about different generations of indie filmmaking.

This cast of FilmFellas is ready to dig into the center of this new film movement. The webisode series explores directing styles, Mumblecore, various kinds of distribution, making a living as a filmmaker, business models for the internet, and why artists do what they do. You do not want to miss out!

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