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Music: Thomas Tallis - Lamentations I by The Tudor Consort (tudor-consort.org.nz)

desktop residual files are the left over, the unshared, the unedited, the forgotten or didn't have time finish, or continue, or they are wonderful finished pieces, but with no time space to show. They are the previous versions, the rejected, the unfitting, the not ready, the can't show... meticulously curated into a desktop poly-multi-inter type of prerecorded art exhibit. It includes some of the multiple matters i am currently studying, includes performance art process documentation, some finished digital painting, photo, archives, etc. I then used this and splitted into several directions resulting in about a dozen 2nd generation individual pieces each potentially becoming a progenitor or genitrix to a branch down this specific desktop residual evidence that clearly shows i spend in my laboratory as much time figuring, studying, practicing, experimenting, testing, learning, expanding as an artist as any non-digital painter or poop-about-town « real » serious artist probably does in relation to his artsy development. etc. etc.

j vimeo.com/70673141

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