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1) Dylan, Izzy and Xander (carrying his new friend, Toothless) on a hay-ride at the Apple Orchard outside of Brooklyn, MI. They are all laughing maniacally because they just finished covering my sister, Mandy, in hay. 2) Pulling away from the Ann Arbor uHaul with our trailer. 3) Xander giving Erica a huge hug and kiss before we leave for KY - it wasn't easy to say goodbye that morning, we would have to wait till near Thanksgiving to see X again. 4) Ralph Waldo slips through the shed door and then escapes around to the front of the house. 5) Cleaning and packing the truck for the big 2,300 mile drive from KY to CA. 6) A large painting in Erica's Grandmother's house that I always liked... 7) Somewhere in Texas - Erica taking video and photographs of a group of horses.


j vimeo.com/16081140

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