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GOLDILOCKS is an episodic mobile action series.
Shot entirely on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch.

Missed some episodes?
Episode 1 "Meet Locks" - vimeo.com/15608787
Episode 2 "Hide & Seek" - vimeo.com/16122412
Episode 3 "A Little Trip" - vimeo.com/16434425
Episode 4 "A Secret Message" - vimeo.com/17874301
Episode 5 "The Supermom Diaries" - vimeo.com/18115255
Episode 6 "Back to Work" - vimeo.com/18287728
Episode 7 "Strike a Deal" - vimeo.com/19017463
Episode 8 "An Old Friend" - vimeo.com/19232497
Episode 9 "Lock & Key" - vimeo.com/20953766 (special iPad 2 / iMovie edit)

Behind the Scenes Episode 1 - vimeo.com/15786866
Behind the Scenes Episode 2 - vimeo.com/16124104
Behind the Scenes Episode 3 - vimeo.com/16434534
Behind the Scenes Episode 8 - vimeo.com/19113848

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.: Shot on iPhone 4 / iPod Touch
.: Edited in AVID
.: Colored in Apple Color
.: Animation created in After Effects
.: Sound mixed in ProTools
.: Distributed through Vimeo to your iOS device!

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Directed by Michael Koerbel
Written by Anna Elizabeth James & Michael Koerbel
Executive Producers - Anna Elizabeth James, Michael Koerbel
Co-Executive Producer - Eric Edmonds
Producer - Rebekah Koerbel, Eric Edmonds

Cast (in order of appearance)
Jolene Kay ..... Jasmine / Goldilocks
Michelangelo Kowalski ..... Antonio
Fabian Alomar ..... Ivan's Guy #2
Carlo Rota ..... Ivan
Brian Phelan ..... Seth
Mike McKee ..... Brian
Keri Safran ..... Sarah
Greg Caldwell ..... Eric

Director of Photography - Michael Koerbel
Additional Camera - Anna Elizabeth James
Edited by - Fawaz Al-Matrouk
Casting Director - Allison Farrow
Stunt Coordinator - Jasi Lanier
Art Director - Ben Phen
Costume Designer - Nola Yergen
Key Makeup - Lillit Alexandrian
Makeup Design - Bill Myer
Title Design - Charles R.A. Newberry
Title Music - Greg Tripi
Colorist - Jerimiah Morey
Sound Editor - Chris Whetstone
Sound Mixed by - Bill Jackson
Production Accountant - Pattie Hinrichs
Production Assistant - Allison Farrow
Music Licensing - APM Music
Special Thanks - Grant Miles, Area 33, Art Cruz

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Copyright 2011 | Majek Pictures, LLC

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j vimeo.com/19232497

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