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Shots are from the following films and TV shows:

Dr Who (TV)
Kill List (Film)
That Mitchell and Webb look (TV)
Taking the flak (TV)
‘Untitled’ horror film promo (lift interior shots - film)
LVJ (film)
10,000 BC (film)
Elizabeth The Golden Age (film)
Psychoville Halloween Special (TV)

Software used:

After Effects

Shot breakdowns indicating what was done and my role in the team (where applicable). If not stated, all the compositing work was done by me:

04:00 Dr Who prop fixes
There was a large seam on the prop that needed removing from a number of shots, this was one of the more complicated.

11:00 Kill List
For this shot from the film 'Kill List', the prosthetics applied to the hand needed some digital help to blend the edges.

17:00 Giant robot stomping across wasteland
Along with compositing the shot, I was also responsible for environment modeling, texturing, lighting and layout.

30:00 Hotel on fire
Compositing and matte painting.

42:00 Dr Who in the rain
Myself and another compositor prepped the shot for another VFX company by removing the rain and breath. I did the rain and breath that fell over the background.

49:00 Michael Gambon in Dr Who
The selected take had an actor that needed removing from the background.

56:00 Kid with laptop
The laptop in the background needed footage adding to it for a number of shots.

59:00 Lift interior
These three shots needed numbers adding to the panel buttons. The third shot in the sequence needed some extra solidity and wires adding to the button in her hand which I did in 3D.

1:05:00 Tracking crane shot into doorway
I worked with another compositor on this shot and we pretty much just split the shot down the middle, I took the left half and he took the right.

1:16:00 Helicopter, spaceship and F16 shots
This sequence of shots had a number of CG elements. Some I 3D tracked and composited against live action plates while others were entirely digital environments.

1:40:00 10,000 BC
The two guys were shot bluescreen.

1:45:00 Girl walking down castle steps
The castle has a lot of modern features like railings that needed removing. Some ‘patch’ work and tracking was done by another compositor.

1:52:00 Girl with light behind her
Compositing a layer of mist between her and the background.

1:54:00 Airplane landing
Plane and air traffic control tower were added to plate.

1:56:00 Werewolf transformation
Compositing warping on top of makeup for transformation along with saliva added in mouth.

Music is from the film 'Twister' composed by Mark Mancina


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