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My latest and very first collaborative project that I worked on for the Savannah Film Festival 2012 contest! It was truly a fantastic experience and learned so much and so fast about stop motion and the magic you can create to make it look even more incredible. This was a fun ride lol.


Savannah "A Day in the Life - SCAD Savvies" is a forty-second visual representation of the unique blend of characters on SCAD Savannah's campus and how they somehow interact with each other but don't even know it. Similar to the opening for the Simpsons we wanted to create a very vibrant fun filled stop motion process that was active and energetic. We see SCAD's campus that very same way: we are all our own unique characters on set with our own personalities that truly shape and define who we are as a person, embracing our talents together as a community or family at SCAD. Each and every character comes from a different path in life, but somehow connects with the next character beside them as it causes a powerful connection between them as it grows and spreads to all corners of SCAD's campus and beyond.

Some familiar characters that we run or bump into day to day are skateboarders, professors, hipsters on the go and on their bicycles and many more on SCAD's campus. With this unique blend of individuality, it helped our story unfold into many colors of a very important message: We are all filled with great talents combining them together with each other creating a whole new world of creative energy. We thought that the concept of stop-motion with cut out prints and colored paper would be perfect for this collaborative project because just like all of the different characters on SCAD Savannah's campus. It helped us find the solution to the problem of showing this in a very rough-cut, edgy, colorful and beautiful way. "A Day in the Life" is a simple depiction of what we truly go through at SCAD Savannah's campus as students, professors, and colleagues: embracing the shinning stars that we truly are in our hearts and minds making SCAD the best place to learn, embrace, teach, and come together as one."


Jennifer Chua
Jay Keeree
Switzon S. Wigfall III

Emily Jackson (EmmoLei Sankofa)

Jay Keeree
Nick Fisch
Shin Min Ho
Jason Rayner
Switzon S. Wigfall III
Jennifer Chua

Sarah Beth Hulver
Deborah Heo

Film & Animation


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