Tri dlhe vikendy, traja lezci, tri nity v klucovej dlzke, tri posledne piva, tri gracie. Ako to vsetko bolo pri slovenskom prvovystupe v jumej stene masivu Dachsteinu? Duri a Adi opat v akcii, kde nechyba zabava, ani tanec. Tentokrat sa nechali nahovorit na stenu Niedere Türlspitz, kde pocas volnych vikendov pracovali na novej ceste. Projekt, ktori si pred rokmi ,nakreslil" Martin Grajciar, dostal meno Drei Grazien (9+/A0).

Three long weekends, three climbers, three bolts in the crux, last thJee beers, three graces. This is a true story of the Slovak first ascent in the Dachstein south face. Duri and Adi are in drive again abound 'With fun and even dancing. They let themselves talk into the Niedere Turlspitz face where they spent a couple of weekends working on a new route. The project "designed" by Martin Grajciar a year ago was called Drei Grazien (The Three Graces, 9+/A0).

Camera: Martin Grajciar, Štefan Rybár
Editing: Martin Grajciar
Climbers: Juraj Švingal, Adrian Zvara


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