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My fellow base jumper Chad and I were hiking up for a regular base jump, and ran into these 2 norwegian MTB enthusiasts Tom and Terje this summer at Kjerag in Norway. They we hauling their 2 Trek MTB's up a steep steep trail to get a photo on the famous Kjerag Bolten.

Next thing I know is that they joked about how cool it would be to ride it off the mountain...

Chad: I'll do it!
Me: I will follow you and film your pleasure ride...
Terje & Tom: Great, tomorrow it is!

Please enjoy our little adventure. And as Tom and Terjes MTB team motto states:
"Alt er mulig!" - "Everything is possible!"

PS: Yes, we recovered all pieces of the wonderful Trek MTB, and it DID receive a little beating caused by a "faster than normal" decent - sorry about that :-)

More base jumping photos and video here at my blog:


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