Music Videographers

Music video for Swedish band Vit Päls' song 'Sov hos mig inatt' (Sleep with me tonight).

Marc Ornstein became a youtube celebrity back in 2008 when his freestyle canoe performance to 'Lady in Red' went viral. This is for all the haters, this is a love declaration by canoe.

"Due to my strong belief in safety, I wish to stress that I always wear an approved lifejacket when paddling under normal conditions – as should all paddlers. Other precautions were taken during this performance." – Marc Ornstein

Talent: Marc Ornstein & Jenifer Gerlach Martin
Directors: Philip Westman & Josh Webman
DP: Stuart Campbell
Producers: Paul Matthews & Michelle Woodward
Editor: Danica Pardo
Grading: Nanna Dalunde
Production assistants: Kyle Montague & Jordan Woodward
Casting: Camilla Westman


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