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Firstly, I want to thank every soul that's ever crossed-paths with me during this project. It’s because of every single one of those chance encounters that this series, however small it is, has reached a 90th entry! I think it might be safe to announce now that we're at the final 10 episodes ending at #100. But more on that in the months to come.

There's a great symbiosis to the way Johanna Warren and Andrea Tomasi play music that two are most certainly a beautiful puzzle piece to each other. They perform so frequently together that I was beguiled by the notion of spending some time with Andrea after being blown away by the haunting sounds of her other half some months ago.

And she's just as alluring! Anyone who runs into Andrea's "Hurricane Dream" is in for a secret treat.

Coming off a string of videos filmed in parks just to be in the safe (and quiet) side, I had to do this one somewhere urban and much more gritty and sprawling. We all live in New York City after all and the recent videos didn't exactly exude that. I hated the missed opportunities.

Wanderer Session #90: Andrea Tomasi
Music by: Andrea Tomasi
Images, Sound, Edit by: Kevin de Wilde
Filmed in New York City


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