VDMX real time visuals

Testing Face OSC to control and Manipulate video Loops in VDMX

I have some ideas about an audiovisual performance where an actor/performer/singer would be manipulating sounds and visuals with his face.
So I made quick test-drive on Kyle's FaceOSC to check how could it work.

Face UP/DOW controls video speedRate
Jaw controls HUE
Face FRONT-BACK controls MSA-BadTV effect
Hide/Show face triggers a new video Loop

FaceOSC by Kyle Mcdonald vimeo.com/26098366
MSA-BadTv effect by Memo vdmx.memo.tv/qcfx/memo_bad_tv
get VDMX here: vidvox.net/

j vimeo.com/64719480

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