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The early months of 2012 consisted of mostly preparing for the wedding season and trying to get this film together for an exciting international film festival called Your Film Festival, curated and judged by YouTube and Ridley Scott. When we first saw this festival call of entries, we did not hesitate to immediately throw out story ideas. We put so much of our time from our work and school into the production of this film. 2-3 months of our time and our heart are in this work and we are very happy with our production, but still hungry for more.

Axiom is about a young adult whose short, blurred life full of corruption, violence, drugs, and money brought him to a point with no future, no escape, and only a few breaths of regret. This moment brought a sudden self-realization to the character, where he, in conjunction with an apology to his long-gone, but never-forgotten father, came to discover why and how he came to this end.

Axiom is a statement of encouragement to realize one’s potential, one’s meaning, and one’s value. Thanks for watching guys, this film comes from our hearts.


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