Nature Cinema

In August 2009 I made a video called "Running Water". It had water scenes taken from the Ramapo Reservation in Northern New Jersey. Over the months I would get messages saying that people would use this video to either help them relax or even help them fall asleep. Some even play the clip to help their babies fall asleep.

That video had a few shortcomings: At only 7 minutes people had to replay the video several times plus the scenes had different audio levels-including a loud waterfall at the end. Now that larger files can be uploaded here (and at that other video site) I can now make one longer piece.

This is just a simple tripod mounted video of water flowing through and around snow covered rocks. The sound of running water is constant with no wide dynamics in the audio. The image is given a surreal look with the water blurred c/o a slow shutter speed (1/8 th of a second). Some birds can also be heard at times. At over 25 minutes this can be used for meditative proposes.

To quote a famous 1960's British group: "Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream".

{Lighting and contrast adjustments done in Sony Vegas Studio 10}


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