Nature Cinema


motion pieces are an ongoing collection of videos that i shoot along the way, often while travelling, and later match with musical improvisations. I don't score the music to the videos, but simply find matches from my ever growing collection of films and improvisations every now and then.

i started doing this because i feel that there can be an elementary correlation between moving through the narrative of a piece of music and moving through a landscape.

i once spoke to a person at an instrumental concert asking him how he liked it and he said that he liked it fine but that the sound was standing still to him because he had no way of following the music without someone singing!

also, despite of the obvious technical drawbacks, i always enjoyed listening to music on a train or in a car etc. in a special way. So if you want to take advantage of me trying to simulate some of that for you, go ahead. but if you just listen to the music without minding the video, we're on the same page too.



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