Nature Cinema

Spot "Le Rêve Charmant"

If the warmth and comfort that make you feel at home while you're on vacation had a place, that would definitely be Le Rêve Charmant. If passion was a color, it would be the tint of a crackling fire. If magic had a scent, it would be the woodwork of our furniture, made by the best craftsmen of Aosta Valley. If you could paint a sense of wellbeing, it would be like our warm and elegant rooms, dedicated to the most important figures in the history of the region. Charm, seduction, elegance, harmony... only few words simply too difficult to define. However, we know how to recognize them when they break into our lives. We hope you will enjoy a time, an image, an emotion, to turn your holiday into a memory to keep forever.

Shooting, editing, color: Cekko
Render 3D
Music: Neda , Meatbeatstudio
Ringraziamenti: Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta per le immagini aeree ed alcune invernali
HD 1080 version


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