Nature Cinema

Here's some more test footage. Mainly tested my new picture profile for the EX1 which I'm very pleased with. There's no color correction. Everything straight from the camera. Shot 1080 25fps, edited in Vegas Pro 8 and rendered to mp4 720p.

Also wanted to do some hand held POV shooting so it's all shot without a tripod. You can see some rolling shutter artifacts in some fast pan/tilt shots but this has never bothered me the slightest. But it's there if you know what to look for.

Finally starting to feel confident with my Letus Extreme and getting sharp edge-to-edge without any gg in the pic by keeping my canon fd lenses fully open, EX1 at ND1 with iris between f4 and f6. If I need more ND I have a coken P series ND to put in front of my canon lenses and/or I can use -3db on the EX1.

Music by Kemialliset Ystävät from the album Kellari Juniversumi (Fonal, 2002) /


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