Motion Boutique Newton showcase

Spent some time between jobs recently working out how to do a basic fluid test in AE with Newton, this is my (possibly flawed) workflow -

1. Make a ton (seriously, shitloads) of small circular shape layers or masked solids to act as your fluids -
2. Tweak an untold amount of settings god knows how many times and watch your dual Xeon workstation slow to a 5fps crawl while it works out the physics calculations on a couple of hundred layers.
3. In a nutshell, you need the fruit & ice cube layers to have a density of 8-10 in comparison to that of the circles which make up the fluid (0.5 - 1 or so).
4. In my experience with dynamics in Newton & C4D, it takes a lot of tweaking and testing to get it loosely close to what you need - this is definitely a hack use of the plugin.
5. When you're done with Newton, to make simulation look like liquid, add Fast Blur (here it was 10-15px), then Simple Choker and tweak to your taste. add some track mattes where the fluids seem to sit outside the bottles, add Tint & change over time to make the different liquids merge and then add all the design flair you can handle

It's not perfect but for 2D mograph, it's wicked. Newton 2 has huuuuuge potential, gotta use it more. Sound effects need a proper kick up the arse too, heheh...


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