SONY NEX-5 - Video Clips - Info

Successfully tested the retracts of Larry Favis with RC Victory. The helicopter was able to lift it off the ground as if it didn't carry anything. Although there is no camera yet and extra batteries, the flight time didn't change that much.

The retracts:
*can withstand the huge vibration caused by the spool up and spool down of the helicopter
*able to land on a flat surface.
*able to withstand a slope landing, the up-slope skid touched down first.

Now time for the helicopter to be tuned. The rotor head has to be changed to a Align rotor head. Gains has to be adjusted, on the video notice the helicopter doing a toilet bowl:
0:50 - 0:54 - Switched to GPS mode from Attitude mode. We corrected by switching to manual and setting the helicopter to an up-right position and switched back again to attitude mode.


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