SONY NEX-5 - Video Clips - Info


DCI4K & 1080P COMPARISON with Sony FS700 + R5 4Kraw recorder.

this is the simple comparison with:
AVCHD 8bit420 1080P recorded internally & DPX 10bit444 from DCI4K 12bit raw, recorded by Sony R5.

please note that :
all footage taken with “ETTR” for raw recording and it was WAY TOO MUCH OVER EXPOSED for internal AVCHD.

well, it’s kinda tricky to shoot “raw with S-Log2” by FS700. to me, shoot with “ETTR” is important for avoiding the serious noise issue that FS700’s S-Log2/base ISO2000 setting has.

so, most of footage you’ll see did "clipped highlight" but you can recover at post.

“recover the highlight” is easy with raw material but noise on shadow is hard to take care. i hate to waste my time with that noise reduction plug in stuff, that’s the reason i shot with “ETTR”.

here's the URL you can download the original 4Kraw data and few DPX still for checking the detail :

I would like to say thank you for Sony Japan for letting me to play with this baby tank R5 unit, domo arigato!

i will post more detailed review and test very soon!


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